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It is very important to keep neon signs functional and working if you are displaying them in a public place. A damaged neon sign means you are losing the attention of customers who may otherwise see your logo, but even worse is the fact that it could pose a potential safety hazard. If your neon light has sustained damage from weather, impact, or simple wear and tear, it is imperative that you contract a skilled repairman to help you get your sign back in working order. I can perform any maintenance or repairs needed on neon!

You can trust me at Mr. Neon Wholesale Neon to provide expert execution of any neon light repair in Sacramento, CA that you may possibly need. I have extensive experience dealing with a litany of issues that are specific to neon signs, so you can be sure that I will handle your neon with the utmost of care and professionalism. My neon sign repair services are well respected and in demand among businesses and individuals who use neon in their signs. If you are having an issue with neon, I can help you find a resolution.

Sometimes neon sign replacement is necessary. In this case, I am happy to provide you with the services necessary to recreate your existing sign and deliver a new sign constructed from top quality materials. I can help with installation and completion of the replacement process. I also provide neon sign maintenance to prolong the lifetime of your new sign and keep it shining bright! You are not likely to find another provider who fixes signs and provides services like bending, electrical, and gas fixes.

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