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If you have integrated neon lights into your business sign or design scheme, you are aware that they require upkeep, maintenance, and occasional repairs. Neon is a beautiful way to display your business's name and catch the attention of passersby, but it also requires more attention than other methods of signage may. This means that it is imperative you find a source for high quality neon materials and services who can provide excellent customer service for all of your neon needs at a moment's notice.

Mr. Neon Wholesale Neon offers comprehensive professional neon light service in Sacramento, CA. I offer services on the same day you call, and I am skilled in any and all neon maintenance needs you may have for your business. You can choose any neon company to order from or to repair neon, but few competitors can offer the extensive experience of 50 years in the industry and countless satisfied customers I have accumulated in this time. You deserve to have neon specialists handle your neon needs.

I can perform any neon sign service you need and provide a professional repair on a piece of neon of any size. My maintenance is reliable, top quality, and trusted by the many businesses I have worked with. You will find that I am committed to maintaining the highest standard of work and customer service in all of my interactions with my clients. If you have any questions about ordering neon, maintaining neon, or contracting a repair on an already existing piece of neon, I can help you.

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